MerryStar makes sure that children in our care are healthy and active so that they will reach their optimal height and weight, following the WHO’s standards.

  • During their time at our school, MerryStar will closely monitor children’s development, and will advises and discuss their progress regularly with parents in taking care children the best;
  • Children will receive a general health check-up at the beginning of the school year. Children’s growth chart will be updated twice a year and their weight will be reported every two months (once a month for children with special weight status);
  • School meals are planned by leading nutritionists and prepared by experienced chefs, ensuring nutritional, delicious and diversified food;
  • The MerryStar physical development education program is designed and supervised by leading physical fitness professionals. We will nurture generations of MerryStar children, who are healthy with a strong immune system, a beautiful body, full of energy and a love for sport;
  • MerryStar educates children to understand the importance of health. We activate children’s inherent physical abilities through participating in games and activities. We teach them to be self-reliant and to keep personal hygiene that form routine habits in children’s daily activities;
  • MerryStar’s Medical Room is equipped with essential health care devices and machines and a team of dedicated, qualified and experienced medical professionals who ensure the best conditions for the development of children.