Science-based and healthy nutrition for preschool age children is the most important starting point of life cycle nutrition. Nutritional programming at this golden age will affect health, physique and capacity for the prevention of non-communicable diseases in adulthood.

At MerryStar, we believe that a healthy balanced diet should be laid down from the first years of life, which helps children to develop their best brain, immune system and height.

MerryStar focuses on school nutrition, personalizing to each student’s needs. We coordinate with parents to take care of and nurture children at home and at school. Our NoVa Gym Physical Development Education Program is expected to aid the development of their physical and mental health in a safe and sustainable way.


We assess children’s individual nutritional status, eating habits, and nutrition-related disorders. Based on that assessment, we design an appropriate nutrition regime for children at home and at school. We also coordinate with families to build the best plan for child care;

We provide children with healthy and balanced school meals, applying experience from developed countries. Our menus provide children with their nutritional and micronutrient needs;

We will teach children to eat healthy meals and choose healthy and diverse foods. We change children’s unhealthy eating habits such as skipping vegetables while we will encourage them to eat seafood and reduce salt intake; These activities will help children form healthy eating habits. Good health is an important factor throughout a child's life, keeping them healthy and protecting them from diseases;

We give the children a variety of regional dishes with flavors and recipes for children. This helps them adapt to eating culture when they grow up;

Our nutritional education helps children to be aware of the differences between healthy and unhealthy foods.

Nutritional personalization at Merrystar

Nutritional portion for children from 15 to 36 months old

Nutritional portion of children from 3 to 5 years old