Application fee for the screening test and health consultation session is 5,000,000 VND/application. The fee will cover any re-assessment within the same academic year.

  • Parent/Guardian only pays the application fee after receiving information from the Admissions Office confirming that there is an available slot.
  • This fee is not refundable or transferable under any circumstances.

Notice: To be clear, this application fee is paid to use for the screening test and health consultation sessions at MerryStar Kindergarten as first-time applicants. Application and successful payment of the fee does not mean that MerryStar Kindergarten has accepted the student. MerryStar Kindergarten only accepts students based on the Admissions Policy.


Tuition fee is calculated based on MerryStar Kindergarten’s academic year.
The 2024 – 2025 school year at MerryStar Kindergarten includes 12 months (starting from 10/06/2024 till 30/05/2025).

Semester 1
(10/06/2024 - 31/12/2024)
Semester 2
(01/01/2025 - 30/05/2025)
For entire school year
(10/06/2024 - 30/05/2025)
101.250.000 VNĐ
75.000.000 VNĐ
176.250.000 VNĐ

Notice: Tuition fee for the next academic year can change based on circumstances listed in the Fees and Financial Regulations, or based on decisions from MerryStar Kindergarten school board or based on laws and regulations. If any changes should occur in the tuition fees, MerryStar Kindergarten will send out an announcement to Parent/Guardian before these changes take place.

Tuition fees includes all fees as listed below:

2.1. Day-boarding school fees:
  • Day-boarding school fees include the cost of breakfast, lunch, mid-afternoon meals, light snacks and day-boarding care at school.
  • Day-boarding fee is compulsory for all MerryStar students.
  • Day-boarding school fees are subjected to change during the school year. Any fluctuations in prices of food will be notified prior to application.
2.2. Curriculum fees: Curriculum is an annual fee, applicable to current students and new students at MerryStar Kindergarten. This fee is used to acquire learning materials and softwares.
2.3. Excursion fees: MerryStar Kindergarten has annual compulsory field trips for students, twice a year, to explore environments in their community, gain real life experiences and apply acquired knowledge.
2.4. Uniform fees: Set of uniform includes:
  • Female: 01 x skirt, 01 x t-shirt.
  • Male: 01 x pair of shorts, 01 x t-shirts.


1. Discount for families that have more than one biological child or legally adopted children study at MerryStar Kindergarten, calculated based on order in family: 5% discount on the total fee and other fees for the second child onwards.
(To receive this promotion, Parent/Guardian needs to submit a copy of Birth Certificate or applicable legal document to prove the relationship between siblings when making payment)

2. When combining multiple promotions and discounts, the following order of priority will be applied:

  • Direct discount of 2% and 5% applied to tuition paid per semester or per year, respectively or different amount of discount depends on promotion throughout the year.
  • Tuition discount for biological children of official employees working for MerryStar Kindergarten and CEO Vietnam Holding Group according to internal rules and regulations.
  • Tuition discount for families with more than one biological child enrolled at MerryStar Kindergarten.


  1. For new students enrolled for the 2024-2025 school year, payment should be made according to the school notice via email.
  2. If the school has not received tuition and the relevant payments after the deadline has passed, the school reserves the right to deny students of placement and provision of services until parents complete the payment.
  3. Late payments are not eligible for the 2% per semester or 5% yearly discount and the school doesn’t accept monthly payment.
  4. The school reserves the right to deny students of placement and provision of services in the event of failure to fulfill financial duties.
  5. Parents are encouraged to have a clear understanding of their financial responsibilities and payment deadlines. Failure of the school’s payment reminders to reach parents for any reasons is not ground for delays in the fulfillment of financial duties.
  6. Parents can make payment of tuition and other fees via one of the following options: Bank transfer to MerryStar Kindergarten’s account or cash at the Admissions Office.


  1. For student withdrawal, Parent/Guardian must inform the Admissions Department at least 30 days before the student’s official withdrawal by sending an email or written form with consent of both parents. This applies to both enrolling and enrolled students at MerryStar Kindergarten.
  2. Refund policy for student withdrawal is as follow:
    • Tuition will be calculated until the student’s actual completion of the withdrawal process pursuant to the above regulations (regardless of student’s attendance at school or not).
    • In the case Parent/Guardian has paid tuition, MerryStar Kindergarten will refund any remaining amounts of tuition and other fees (if any).
  3. Meal fees will be refunded only in case student is absent from school (with the approved leave of absence) for more than 10 consecutive days onward.
  4. The remaining balance (if any) is refundable to parents within 30 days of full receipt of Parent/Guardian’s bank account information or student’s last day, whichever occurs first.
  5. In case of force majeure, fee collection or refund will be announced by the school based on the actual situation.


  1. The Fees and Financial Regulations apply to all students attending MerryStar Kindergarten. All terms and conditions stated in this regulation can be amended by MerryStar Kindergarten and announced to Parent/Guardian before its application.
  2. Parent/Guardian agreements for students to enroll at MerryStar Kindergarten, consequently confirms their agreement with the Fees and Financial Regulations.