• MerryStar Kindergarten, located at the Vinhomes Riverside 2 in a 1.200sq.m area, provides the convenience of space, function and arts.
  • The facilities at our school promote the education philosophy of Thân-Tâm-Tuệ, inspired by theharmony and balance of humans and nature.
  • The design of MerryStar campus focuses on safety and environmentally friendly facilities to serve children’s learning and physical activities.
  • The facilities include outdoor playground, indoor play area, unique greenhouse library and botanic garden. Our classrooms are set up with environmentally friendly advanced interior and educational equipment.
  • Especially, our Nova Gym zone offers specialized equipment to improve children’s physique, keep them fit and help them to be active, strong and confident.
  • MerryStar Kindergarten’s entertainment area is integrated in a green, friendly, safe and modern space that evokes children’s curiosity and creativity.