MerryStar Kindergarten’s educational philosophy of Thân – Tâm – Tuệ

The educational philosophy of Thân – Tâm – Tuệ emphasizes three core elements to create a balanced educational environment for children from early stage. These combined elements make up a strong launching pad to push children through primary school.

Taking care of children to make sure they are physically healthy and energetic (Thân);

Educating children to have a loving heart and know how to show their love (Tâm);

Opening children’s worldview to be limitless (Tuệ)

In the Thân – Tâm – Tuệ educational environment, teachers do not impose their authority on children. Teachers act as guides and companions who encourage children to learn with joy. Through learning, children can discover and experience the world and reach their full potential.

The philosophy of Thân – Tâm – Tuệ aims to:

HEART: Educating children from the heart - The inner driving force of each person

The philosophy of Body – Heart – Mind (Thân – Tâm – Tuệ) is close to Aristotle’s belief of “Educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all.”
At MerryStar, we believe that the key to educating the heart is to build an inner driving force for every student.
MerryStar’s goal is to teach children to have a loving heart. Children should know how to express their love, care and respect to themselves, family, friends and the environment. A loving heart and their understanding will be crucial to a happy and successful life in the future.
Children are educated to respect themselves through their self-awareness and personal feelings in different situations. Self-respect will help MerryStar’s students be responsible and independent. They will be independent in their eating habits by choosing healthy food, and look after themselves when eating, resting, entertaining and washing.
Children must strictly follow safety rules to protect themselves in different situations. Our students are educated to be honest in thinking and acting, and understand the benefits of telling the truth and the consequences of lying.
MerryStar’s students are taught to appreciate and respect people’s differences and privacy. They are encouraged to show their care and be ready to help family and friends in activities appropriate with their age.
They are told how to address their problems and solve conflicts in a positive way while maintaining active interaction and great respect with family and friends.
At MerryStar, we care about teaching children to love nature and understand the impacts of humans, including them, on the environment. Students protect the environment through their actions such as saving things in their daily life, putting garbage in right place and minimizing the use of plastics.

BODY - Strengthening children’s stature, physique, will and determination

MerryStar believes that the Body – Heart – Mind philosophy-based early childhood education is really important. Children should have good physique and fitness, as well strong will and determination through our nurturing care and physical education.

A child’s inner motivation is expressed clearly and consistently through their health, will and determination in daily activities.

In the BODY section, MerryStar sets a target of improving children’s height and pushing their brain development. Children are expected to have a healthy immune system which helps them resist disease and protects them from non-communicable diseases when they grow up.

MerryStar’s students are asked to take part in physical activities and exercises in our NoVa Gym zone. These activities help to improve children’s physique and fitness, to comprehensively develop their motor skills: speed, strength, durability, flexibility, skill and endurance. The brave and confident children will love sports and inspire other people to play sports.

MIND - Educating children’s thinking - opening their worldview to be limitless

Initiative, decision-making, creativity and innovation have been identified among 16 required skills for success in 21st century society by the world’s top educators.

Facing the current world of volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity, the education philosophy of Body – Heart – Mind focuses on educating children’s thinking and opening their worldview. Children will be smart and stable when they face crises and changes.

MerryStar’s students are taught to have creative and selective thinking to address their problems in a positive way. In the Tuệ section, MerryStar pays attention to help children develop selective thinking and decision-making skills to solve problems in a positive way.

MerryStar’s students show their curiosity. They want to explore, ask questions and love to find answers for every matter, event and phenomena that happens around them. Children are guided to build plans and gather information and knowledge to explain these matters, events and phenomena. They think twice before making a decision or a choice. MerryStar teachers help children establish an ability to make good decisions in different situations in life.

In MerryStar classes, teachers suggest, create opportunities and encourage students to be confident to share and present their concerns and be free to show their creativity through various art forms.

The MIND factor’s educational philosophy can be seen clearly. We not only teach languages to children but also help them to master languages. Children are taught linguistic thinking and are bilingual in both Vietnamese and English for studying and to ensure they have positive and long-lasting relationships in the community.